Introduction to Motors insurance

Vehicle insurance is insurance for cars, trucks, motor cycles and other road vehicles. It includes coverage for the damage or others which affect the insured vehicle.

It depends on the market value of the vehicle.

There are different types of vehicle insurance

Comprehensive Insurance Policy

The comprehensive insurance covers the damage or loss which affects the insured vehicle, and its parts in the following situations:

  1. If the damage occurred as a result of collisions or overturning.
  2. If the damage or loss is the result of fire, internal explosion, burning, lightning, theft, or an attempt of theft.
  3. If the damage or loss is the result of someone else action.
  4. Damages caused to vehicles while being towed due to breakdown or failure, but the insured must notify the company (in writing) before reasonable period of time.

Third party insurance (compulsory insurance)

Offers the minimum legal level of vehicle insurance cover and is the most basic insurance you’re able to get:

  • This kind of policy helps protect other people in the event of an accident that was deemed to be your fault.
  • Third party insurance would cover the cost of the other person’s car and medical expenses.
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ط Insurance Form

للتحميل إضغط هنا

According to this policy, and in case an accident occurs as a result of using the insured vehicle, the company is committed to indemnifying the insured (within the responsibility agreed upon between the two parties for the amount the insured is committed to paying legally for the damaged done to any person, other than the insured or the drivers, who is exposed to damage because of an accident resulting from the use of the vehicle,  this coverage includes death,  bodily and moral injuries to others.

General Exclusions
This policy does not cover loss or damage or accidents of the vehicle outside the geographical area specified in this policy unless otherwise stipulated clearly in a special appendix to specifying the geographical area.

  • When it is driven by the insured or any person not holding a driving license for the category of the vehicle which is issued pursuant to the Sudan traffic law at the time of the loss or damage.
  • When the vehicle is used for purpose other than the purpose authorized by the traffic department.
  • Civil commotion, riots, war, invasion, military or semi-military operations (whether war has been declared or not). Islamic Insurance Company can incorporate any additional coverage in return for paying the assigned additional premium.


Procedures to be followed for vehicle insurance policy:
Third party insurance policy issuing shall be made through Islamic insurance branches and offices spread all over the Sudan, as well as the automatic vehicle test centers at the company offices.

The Comprehensive Insurance Policy Procedures:
This type of insurance is requested from the company directly or through company representative or agents. The application includes questions about the owner of the vehicle, and the data of the car, the company shall conduct detection on the car for safety and fixing of the damage on the structure.


Procedures to be followed in the event the insured car meets with an accident

  1. Report the accident to the company along with documents of police report and the original copy of insurance certificate contract which is valid when the accident has taken place.
  2. Filling accident report form by the insured, signing it, and displaying a valid driving permit.
  3. The company representative or its authorized engineer should inspect the damaged automobile and file a list of damage that must be repaired or replaced as a result of the accident.
  4. The repair of the automobile should be done in coordination with the company.
  5. With respect to physical injuries resulting from accidents, indemnity of bodily injury  or death  of the same  is settled according to type of insurance( third party/ comprehensive ) based on conditions and amounts specified for each type.

In this regards, Islamic Insurance Company is considered the best one in settling claims and paying them, according to reports of insurance adjuster.