Introduction to medical insurance

    Islamic Insurance Company has introduced since 2006 the coverage of medical and travel insurance in response to growing demand for these two types of insurances   in Sudan's insurance market.

    Advantages of a group medical insurance document (Group Medical Takaful)

    (1)    The cost of outpatient clinic is not limited to a certain given amount (open) it is calculated according to the amount and extent of coverage in the policy.
    (2)     A wide network of hospitals, clinics, and private clinics.
    (3)     Chronic disease and medical conditions that preceded the insurance shall be covered by a certain percentage of the coverage.
    (4)    Approvals of medical surgical shall reach hospitals in the shortest possible time.
    (5)    Recovery of direct treatment bills in case of exit from the medical network shall be made in the shortest possible time.
    (6)    There is no limit to the cost of room and accommodation in cases of inpatients, it depends on the extent and amount of coverage.
    (7)    Emergency treatment shall be done at the nearest treatment and the Mutakafil (the patient) shall recover the full amount of the treatment.
    (8)     There shall be a waiting period – which is 280 days, if you choose pregnancy and childbirth cover.
    (9)     Babies shall be covered after 30 days from the date of birth.
    (10)    The cover of newborn children shall be made after 30 days of the date of birth.
    (11)    Care for the sick and ascertain the level of medical care constantly.
    The Islamic Insurance Company Limited has set up a special network for health care by contracting with a distinguished group of doctors and hospitals to provide a high level of health care for those under its Takaful system.