Frequent Asked Questions

Here you can find a number of frequent asked questions on insurance and definition of some terminologies.

What are the types of perils that make you recourse to insurance?

We are exposed to different risks caused to properties and individual during our whole life such as:-

  • Deterioration of heath condition
  • Death.
  • Retirement.
  • Exposure of properties to perils of theft, fire, and traffic accident.
  • Liability perils ( third party) they are the perils that occur to other person or his property and the insured is answerable to the law.

Insurance is a means of protecting you from loss and damage resulting from risks you may sustain by referring impact of such risks to insurance company.

What are the types and divisions of insurance?

Type 1: is a comprehensive insurance, it includes:-

  • Cargo transport insurance.
  • Fire and theft insurance.
  • Automobile insurance (mandatory and comprehensive).
  • Engineering insurance. It include risks of contractors, installation, boilers, machine breakage and electronic equipments.
  • Insurance of miscellaneous incidents such as, work injury, personal injury, breach of money trust and responsibility.
  • Animal insurance.
  • Vessel bodies, planes insurance.
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical insurance.
  • Energy insurance.
  • Credit Financing insurance
  • Microfinance insurance.

Type 2: is Takaful Insurance ( Islamic replacement to life insurance ) it includes:-

  • Group Takaful Policy.
  • Takaful insurance.
  • Family Takaful Insurance.
  • Mortgage protection policy.
  • Comprehensive Takaful policy for drivers

What does it mean by Takaful insurance (Islamic replacement to life insurance)?

Basis of Co-operation: Help one another in al-Birr and in al-Taqwa (virtue, righteousness and piety), to redress damage among participants in case of death or disability during the period of participation.

How can I get the insurance policy?

You can approach any of our branches throughout Sudan from which you can fill the insurance form (Insurance form can be collected from company electronic website) then you can find your insurance in question where policy is issued.

What is the difference between insurance form and insurance policy?

Insurance form is a preliminary insurance contract, the insured or his representative should fill and signed the same with correct information, and then policy insurance is issued accordingly. Policy insurance is deemed as final contract and binding to all parties. Therefore insurance form is an integral part of policy insurance.

What are the perils that should be covered by the policy of third party?

It covers liabilities toward other in case of physical injury, death, financial damage suffered by another person property, as a result of usage of automobile by the insured or an authorized driver who got a permit from the insured.

Does comprehensive automobile policy insurance cover all incidents and risks?

Comprehensive Insurance covers specific risks in the policy such as:
collision or automobile toppling, fire, external explosion, theft or attempt to theft, transfer of automobile by any means after notifying the company in writing before transferring. Any other coverage not mentioned here , should requested from the company against additional premium.

What shall I do if my Automobile sustained an accident?

  • Reporting the accident to the company together with documents of police report and the original copy of insurance certificate contract which is valid when the accident has taken place.
  • Filling accident report form by the insured, signing it, and displaying a valid driving permit.
  • The company representative or its authorized engineer or actuary, should check the damaged automobile and file a list of damage that must be repaired or replaced as a result of the accident.
  • The repair of the automobile should be done in coordination with the company.
  • With respect to physical injuries resulting from accidents, indemnity of bodily injury or death of the same is settled according to type of insurance( third party/ comprehensive ) based on conditions and amounts specified for each type.

What does it mean by Automobile market Value?

It is the actual value of automobile in the market on the day in which the same is insured. Please stick to insure you auto according to actual value of market so as not to apply on you the proportional condition in case of indemnity as a result of accident of you automobile.

What is the proportional condition? How can be applied?

Proportional condition is applied as a result of instability of automobile prices in the market. One of the duties of the insured is to evaluate his/her automobile from time to time, and notify the company with same.
It is calculated as follow:
Proportional condition = (amount of claim* automobile name value in the policy)\ the actual amount in the hour in which the accident took place.

Is it possible to make an agreement on indemnity with the body who caused the accident and notify the company?

The insured is not entitle to conduct any agreement on indemnity or settlement with anybody without company approval in writing, according to the way the company feel fit.