Travel Insurance

It is a cooperation system on land and the removal of damage exposed to a traveler because of the risk of being provided in this document.
This is based on service in the legitimacy of the general principles of Islam which calls for the cooperation and support among people says (virtue, righteousness, and piety).
With the great development witnessed by the Sudan and the entry of many international companies to the Sudanese market had to be the emergence of new divisions in insurance, including medical insurance and travel insurance, and keep up with the Islamic insurance company at the Islamic insurance market.
The company enters this type of insurance, and completed an agreement with one of the best assistant international companies.
A Spanish company (MAPFRE ASISTECIA) it’s providing you with the best insurance service to customers and insured.

This is a summary of the most important services provided by the company through the travel insurance

(1) Services, medical assistance, including the cost of treatment and staying abroad for treatment in the event of injury or illness, it provides all medical expenses for the amount equal to thirty thousand (EUR 30.000).

(2) Deportation or repatriation in case of sudden illness or injury happened to the insured, the company shall bear all the costs of deportation by the ambulance or any other suitable means to travel to and from the doctor or the hospital or return to the place of residence.

(3) Dental care, the company shall provide emergency medical assistance required for dental treatment in case of pain or inflammation or dislocation with a maximum amount equal to four hundred and fifty Euros (450 Euros).
(4) One family member who traveled with the insured in case of illness or injury.

(5) Deport a family member in case of the entry of the insured hospital and stay, the company shall bear the travel costs of one (Relative) with the cost of the accommodation of eight hundreds five Euros (850 Euros).

(6) For a period of ten days.

(7) Emergency return to the insured, the company shall bear on behalf the cost of emergency return in case of death of a close relative.

(8) The company shall bear the cost of sending medicine and the delivery of urgent messages related to the treatment.

(9) Monetary financing in the event that the insured had scarcity of cash for any reason during the trip up to a maximum of amount equal to eight hundreds Euros (800 Euros).

(10) Support the security provided, where it provides legal basis on behalf of the insured to obtain monetary financing for eight five Euros (85 Euros).

(11) Legal expenses abroad up to a maximum of two thousand and one hundred euros (2.100 Euros).

(12) Loss of passport, driving license and identification card for a maximum of five hundred Euros (500 Euros).

(13) Loss of luggage:

(a) Baggage that has been marked by the traveller, accompanied by traveller up to a maximum of two hundred Euros (200 Euros).

(b) Baggage delay up to a maximum of two hundred Euros (200) Euros.

The delay in departure , the return shall be maximum one hundred Euros (100 Euros) Types of travel insurance coverage by country:

Zone (1) it includes all countries except Sudan, the United States, Australia, Canada and Japan.

Zone (2) it includes the countries that have been excluded from the coverage such as Canada, United States, Japan, and Australia.

The required information for coverage
The name in the existing passport (exactly the same), date of birth, passport number, validity period of the passport (passport date of issuance and passport expiry date.)
The required period of coverage as well as the state intended to travel.

Required document for cancellation Policy

-  Origin of the policy (document), written by the embassy
-  Reason for which the visa is prevented, bring a policy before 72 hours from the beginning of the coverage stated in the policy.
- The client shall recover the amount of the policy except issuing fees & government Charges.